Top 3 Ideas for an Environment-Friendly Trendy Green Home

In the recent times, living green has become a trend. An environment-friendly structure at home with landscaping, furniture, and other utilities help to design a green home. Although, it is in trend many of you still might be unaware of green living. What does living green stand for? Basically, it means conservation of money, energy, and water at home through ecological ways. In order to enhance the quality of your life and to save quite a lot of money, conservation of resources and energy is necessarily important and plays a great role. To save your pocket from big expenses and for a content and comfortable life, the environment where you live in must contain energy effective resources and clean and fresh air.

Here are some effective green home design ideas that can help you in transforming your existing home to an environment-friendly one.

Green Transformation

  1. One of the best ways to conserve energy is to change your home lighting system. For green living replacing the old bulbs or tubes with LED lights are the best option. What do you understand by LED and how do they help in conserving energy? With the flow of electricity, the light emitting diode or the LED produces light. When the photons receive high energy from the electrons that cross through holes at lower energy levels, it produces light. LED light stays longer than any other lights like incandescent or CFL lights apart from conserving high energy.
  2. Another effective source of energy is the Solar Panels. The increasing utilization of solar panels is seen in several buildings and homes. What are the solar panels? When the solar panels absorb the solar energy released by UV rays of the sun, it produces electricity. Such panels are placed at an ideal position on the roof of the buildings and houses to gather solar energy. The electricity generated through the process is then passed through an inverter device to supply current for the use of various home appliances or store it in batteries for later usage. A green home is incomplete without the solar panels.
  3. Insulation of doors and windows of your house is another energy efficient idea for living green. Constructed with the low range E glass, these insulating window glasses are packed with Argon, a kind of gas. During winters, argon gas helps in saving energy by keeping the house warm from inside. It also reduces noise. Wall insulation helps in keeping your house cool during the summer months and also saves a big amount of money.

So, for a better living, go green. It will help you, in the long run, to stay healthy and also save your pocket from getting bankrupt.