New Home Construction VS Pre-Owned Homes- Which is a Better Buy?

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Are you searching for a new house and have clear specifications etched in your mind for your dream home? It is important that your new home is free from problems like roof leakage, stained corners, or plumbing issues. Such glitches can make your stay difficult and unpleasant. So, before purchasing your home, you should be able to judge whether the new home construction or the pre-existing construction is better in the long-run.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Here are few comparisons between the existing home and the new home construction to differentiate the worth buying deal.

  1. Ineffective appliances and fittings, inadequate insulation, leaking single panel window and more are most commonly found in the pre-owned homes. It can raise your bills to a great extent. Whereas, the energy efficient star rating appliances and materials in the new home construction keep your cooling, heating, and electric bills at the bottom line.
  2. The new home construction meet your dream home desires to the fullest. Whether you need a marble flooring or five rooms instead of three, cabinets to make your day to day needs more functional or cartoon décor for your kid’s room, new customized construction gives you the liberty to plan your home according to your own taste. But, the pre-existing homes are usually based on the average family needs like a master bedroom and two small rooms for kids and a study maybe and a dog house in the back yard. Your desires remain unfulfilled.
  3. The new home construction has everything new. From roof and flooring to electric lines and other installations are all new and tested thoroughly for security and safety of your new home. However, problems like mildew, mold, pest, etc. can bring in additional headaches and expenses while buying an existing home. It can be avoided in the new construction as the builder can be informed to take necessary actions and expenses are borne by the builder himself when under warranty.
  4. Plumbing is a big issue when you plan to buy a pre-owned home. The toilets sometimes look pretty good while buying but you never know how the toilet flushes or the drains been used for years. The problems might crop up one by one when you start staying there. In the new construction, you do not face any such problem. When you get into a newly built home, chances are that the builder used a certified plumbing company to complete the work.

Often, it becomes difficult to choose between a new construction and the existing ones due to financial pressure and budget issues. People assume that the pre-owned homes costs lesser and are the best buys. But, new home constructions will never let you down. It is cost effective too.