About me

Hello, everyone, my name is Jamie Stewart. I am 34 years old, a mother of two children and happily married. I live in Detroit, and I was born here, and never moved anywhere also. My husband is also from Detroit, and we met 14 years ago. As we didn’t go to the college, finding a job with only a high-school diploma, was very hard. When the kids came, it became even harder to earn enough money for living. I worked in some fast food local stores for years. But, my true passion is gardening. Garden and the exterior design. So, I came up with an idea 5 years ago to start my own blog and share my own garden with people. At first, I didn’t expect anything from it, just to have fun and connect with the same people. The first year it was like that, but after, running my blog helped me with my financial issues also. I couldn’t be happier!